A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

YAARRGH! Is being fully developed on Linux, for Linux, Windows and Mac. 

GreedyVox Indie Studios is a tiny indie gaming studio created in 2013,  With one engineer and one artist, working hard together we created YAARRGH! Me Matey! INDEV FREE build.

And we have big plans and ideas coming soon!

YAARRGH! Me Matey! is a 3D Procedural Generated Pirate Fantasy Game, Within

A Large World Of Islands & Habitats To Explore, Mine,
Build & Craft.

Step into a world of adventures in our Pirate Fantasy INDEV game!

You have been chosen to be an explorer, Beware of the dangers that come out at night or from below the waves and always keep an eye out in the skies..

Download YAARRGH! Me Matey! free INDEV version game and start playing now!


Install instructions

Movement Commands:
[ W ]:Move Forwards
[ S ]: Move Backwards
[ A ]: Move Left
[ D ]: Move Right
Equipment Commands:
[ Q ]: Equip Right - Equip Hammer to build (Place Blocks)
[ E ]: Equip Left
[ F ]: Open Doors

[Tab] Select\Change block colours

[Middle Mouse Wheel]: scroll to select doors & remove Blocks

Character Commands:
[ SHIFT ]: Character Sprint\Swim
[ SPACE ]: Character Jump
[ CONTROL or C ]: Character Crouch
Attack Commands:
[ MOUSE LEFT ]: Attack Left
[ MOUSE RIGHT ]: Attack Right

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YAARRGH! Me Matey! INDEV FREE Download

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